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  • FOSA Salary Account

  • App and USSD
  • Miradi Loan
  • Miradi Loan
  • Have you updated your Next of Kin?

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  • Safaricom SACCO App

    • Download our App on the google play store MSacco+ and transfer money from FOSA to any Bank A/C
    • Or  use USSD Code by dialling *346#
  • FOSA Salary Account

    You can channel your salary to the Sacco via FOSA A/C
  • Lipa Na Mpesa

    Save yourself the hustle. Pay your deposits/shares and repayments using paybill number 505100
  • Childrens Account

    Children are the future. Save for them and earn 7.5% interest.

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  • Miradi Loan

    Borrow upto 30 Million KES. 
    Title deed and your home can be part of the collateral

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  • Insurance Premium Finance

    • Interest rate 1% P.M on reducing balance
    • Repayment in 6 months
    • No guarantors required

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  • Hand of comfort

    Save your family a fortune in funeral expenses. Join hand of comfort and get much more in your hour of grief

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  • Car Loan

    Own your first car or an upgrade through the SACCO. You can now purchase imported or locally purchased car at 1% p.m and repayment of up to 48 months.

Limited Plots Available in Naivasha!!!

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  • What is FOSA?

    FOSA (Front Office Services Activity) is a SACCO product that offers basic banking services similar to those offered by commercial banks. FOSA however is not a clearing agent with Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) and therefore cannot clear.
  • Who qualifies to closed an Account in FOSA?

    All SACCO members, their genuine spouses and children.
  • Why patronize FOSA?

    Enjoy affordable banking services at your convenience Deal with SACCO which you are already a member and is well known Obtain short-term and long-term savings/credits facilities with minimal conditions Instant cash payments of Sacco loans, dividends, rebate and refunds Any levies and charges will be paid back to you as dividend and rebate
  • With FOSA Account, do I still need to fill a DDA (Direct Debit Authority) to the BOSA towards my monthly loans and savings remittance?

    Active FOSA Account holders will be required to place a monthly standing order from their FOSA Accounts to BOSA Accounts. . .
  • What is the difference between FOSA and BOSA savings?

    FOSA savings can be withdrawn over the counter (this is a banking facility).BOSA savings are monthly SACCO remittance and can only be withdrawn upon retiring from Sacco membership. FOSA savings can be used to offset BOSA loans or boost BOSA savings. BOSA savings cannot be used to offset loans unless upon default. FOSA is an innovative product to enhance the members’ convenience and boost the SACCO’s income.
  • What FOSA products and services are available to members?

    Savings/Salary accounts Cash withdrawal/deposit Short-term advances Fixed Deposit accounts Co-op bank banker’s cheques Electronic Fund Transfer (EFTs) & Standing orders Salary processing Instant payment of Back Office Sacco Accounts (BOSA) loans over the counter M-Pesa services
  • What benefits do members stand to gain on their FOSA savings?

    Security for future financial needs High savings qualifies member for higher loan advancements High savings need less loan security High savings result in high dividend pay out. High savings strengthens the SACCO’s lending capacity High savings guarantees a member a comfortable retirement. High esteem for belonging to a SACCO playing in the big league!
  • Salary Processing

    This service is offered to members who wish to have their salaries paid through FOSA. The employer channels the salary payment cheques/transfer through FOSA account and in turn credits the money into their customers’ accounts.
  • SACCO Link VISA ATMs Cards

    In collaboration with Coop bank, all FOSA patrons will be given VISA branded ATM cards which allows for 24hrs banking at any Coop bank or any VISA branded ATM worldwide. Sacco link card can also be used for paying for goods and services at point of sale, settling hospital bills, hotel expenses, fuel etc. .
  • How safe is FOSA deposits?

    FOSA deposits are regulated and monitored by The Sacco Societies Regulatory Authority (SASRA) which operates in the same way as the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) with the commercial banks. We submit monthly reports and are audited frequently to ensure compliance and safety of deposits. How is FOSA revenue generated and shared? FOSA levies minimal charges on services it offers e.g. savings, salary advances, credit facilities, sale of banker’s cheques and other auxiliary services. Revenues generated from FOSA are ploughed back to the SACCO and shared by all members through payment of dividends and rebates to members.
  • Who owns FOSA?

    FOSA is owned by the SACCO members.
  • EFTs

    FOSA account holders can transfer funds from their accounts to the bank accounts of their choice.

Our Vision and Mission

To be the financial services partner of choice


We transform our members’ lives through provision of affordable, innovative and accessible financial services

Our Location

We have two offices in Nairobi:

Main Office, Westlands Safaricom Care Centre (SCC) First Floor.

JCC Office, Mombasa Road, Sarin Park (JCC) Ground Floor

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