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FOSA Savings Products

Corporate Account

Product description

This is an Investment Account for Corporates/ Chama/ SME. Members with Businesses can open an account and better manage their Finances and also enable track the performance of their Businesses/ Merry Go Rounds.


Holiday Account

Product description

This account is for all members. Members are advised to save, travel and see the world! Once in a while, we partner with suppliers who give unbeatable rates and enable members’ to travel anywhere they wish to.


Juniors Account

Product description

This is a vibrant account for members kids aged below 18 Years of Age. The Sacco enables the parents to inculcate the savings culture to the young ones at a petite age.


Jaza Jaza Account

Product description

This account enables members to save for a short period of time and enable get a competitive return as withdrawal from the account is Twice in a year!

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Our Vision and Mission

To be the financial services partner of choice


We transform our members’ lives through provision of affordable, innovative and accessible financial services

Our Location

We have two offices in Nairobi:

Main Office, Westlands Safaricom Care Centre (SCC) First Floor.

JCC Office, Mombasa Road, Sarin Park (JCC) Ground Floor

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