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Frequently Asked Questions - FOSA

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  • What is FOSA?

    FOSA stands for Front Office Services Activity. Funds in FOSA are withdrawable anytime depending on the type of savings account

  • When was FOSA Launched?

    It was launched in 2011 and we are a deposit taking Sacco regulated by SASRA – Sacco Regulatory Authority

  • How do I open a FOSA Account?

    Every member by default has a FOSA A/C

  • How does the FOSA operate?

    You can operate your FOSA just like any other “Bank” account. Process your salary, Make deposits to your account via M-Pesa or direct funds transfer, or over the counter and cheques. We also pay all loans via FOSA

  • How do I access my FOSA Account?

    Over the counter withdrawal, ATM- Our Branded ATMs, our USSD *346# or M-Sacco APP downloadable from Google Play Store

  • Do I need to register for M-Sacco?

    Yes. You need your M-Pesa phone number mapped to enable you access the funds by filling in the M-Sacco registration form (Downloadable from our Website)

  • Do I automatically get an ATM?

    No you need to register for ATM by filling in the ATM application Form

  • Can I open more than one FOSA account?

    Yes , we have different types of accounts you can open from Junior , Jaza Jaza, Fixed Deposit, Holiday accounts among many others

  • What are the rates offered for Fixed Deposit?

    We offer very competitive interest rates for Fixed Deposit. Minimum amount to fix is Kes.20,000 Fix money for 3,6 & 12 Months

  • What happens if I withdraw the funds before the maturity?

    You automatically forfeit the interest

  • Am I subjected to tax for the interest earned on Fixed Deposit?

    Yes, 15% withholding Tax.

  • What is the interest earned on junior account?

    7.5% p.a on amount above Kes.10,000

  • Can I open more than one Junior account?

    Yes you can

  • If I joined the scheme and now married and had children, can I include them in the scheme?

    Yes , you need to fill in the form and include your new family

  • What is the interest earned on jaza jaza account?

    4.5% p.a withdrawal is only Bi-Annually

  • Can I access Salary Advance if I am processing my salary with the Sacco?

    Yes and you get to apply the Salary advance via our USSD code *346#

  • How much is your Salary Processing Fees?

    Only Kes.100

  • What is the maximum amount I can withdraw over the counter?


  • Are there any account maintenance fees for the FOSA A/C?

    No. The only charges is over the counter withdrawal at Kes.57 ,
    FOSA to M-Pesa Withdrawal fees Kes.73, Bankers Cheque Requisition Kes.110



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