Welcome to the third edition of our quarterly member publication. It has been a very dynamic year for the Safaricom Sacco thus far.  As we entered the second half of the year, we welcomed our new General Manager, Cynthia Naisisiae to lead the Sacco to the next frontier and we are confident that she will steer the Sacco to the next growth frontier.

The second half of the year will be full of activities and initiatives geared towards enriching and providing services closer to our members, provide growth opportunities and collaborate towards building the Safaricom Sacco of our choice.  This year marks the end of our strategy execution for the (2014-2018) strategy and therefore ushers a new phase of reflection on the last five years and most importantly a planning session for the next phase of growth for our Sacco.  This being a critical element of our growth strategy, we embark on a strategy development phase that will include all members’ insights and aspirations towards the Safaricom Sacco of the future.  I take this early opportunity to welcome you to participate in the surveys, as your insights are very critical in this process.

As we continue to strive to empower our members with relevant products to meet and exceed our financial needs, this quarter also ushers in one of our biggest event in the calendar. The Safaricom Sacco open days. Our Open days provides us a chance to bring our partners closer to our members for appreciation of the opportunities available for our members to invest and grow themselves. I therefore urge you to find some time to join in one of the open day forums near your location for exciting offers as well as a chance to interact with our board members and staff on our services.

Following closely after the open day will be the member education roadshows. These are events planned to interact, recruit and educate our members on how to maximize membership opportunities. An informed member is a very wise investor. In addition, a wise investor is a valuable investor. I therefore welcome you to the upcoming member education sessions that will happen across the country for a better understanding of how you can maximize your membership opportunities.

Lastly is to challenge each of us. Are you constantly managing your growth opportunities with the Safaricom Sacco? Some of our members have settled to their monthly check-off deductions and only check their accounts when it is that time of the year for Rebates.  Some of us have not adjusted our monthly contributions since we joined the Sacco despite growing financial capabilities. My challenge to you is to take charge of your membership. Find some time to walk into any of our offices, check our website, online portal or mobile app on how you can grow with us.  We have a wide array of services conveniently designed to fit in your daily lifestyles to support your growth aspirations.   Just to set you going. I always say that three of our products are “a must have” for all members; the development loan, benevolent product and the Children’s account for all parents. Do you have these? If not, you are missing out, I encourage you to reach out to any board and staff members of the Sacco on how you can plug in.

I hope you will enjoy the read and take advantage of our offers and service opportunities.

May God bless you.