In line with the government 2030 agenda, the Sacco has previously (2013-2015) partnered with the government to vet and disburse Vijana/Youth at a subsidized rate for as low as 8% interest. p.m. (almost less inflation Kenyan rate) between the ages of 18-35 years.

The Sacco engages most entrepreneurs with startups or already established businesses to boost their capital.

We were honored to engage one of our burgeoning entrepreneurs -Chris Githu – who sells laptops and laptop repairs in Nairobi CBD after paying him a Business visit in his well-established enterprise and this is what he had to share; enjoy the read!

1. What type of business are you in & when did you start?

I sell laptops & laptop repairs. I started my business way back in 2008, as a sole proprietor with very minimal capital from my own savings.

2. Is it a business you would advise someone to get into?

Yes, but requires a lot of research and product knowledge. You should always carry out some research before engaging in any venture. Most people want to do the easy things rather than the right things.

3. How did you join the Sacco and when?

I was introduced by a relative. Joined the SACCO in Mid-2014.

4. Has the Sacco aided in the development of your business & How?

YES.  Since I joined the SACCO, I can testify I have been a big beneficiary of different products advertised by the SACCO. The SACCO has enabled me to invest wisely and borrow wisely too.

5. What does a savings culture mean to you?

Saving culture is a habit you develop and you practice it day in day out with CONSISTENCY. It is a gateway to financial Independence, Builds Confidence & provides a personality of thinking differently from others. It also provides a platform for cheaper borrowing and growth.

6. Is this the kind of business that you always wanted to do and what were you doing before? Were you introduced by a friend?

After my college I got employed as an ICT trainer with a company known as I.T. KIDS where I worked as a full time tutor, but after one and a half years I resigned to pursue my dreams. It wasn’t easy but I was passion driven.  My Objective was to take bigger risks while I was still young – after all I had better try and fail than not try at all. I took a risk with the basic knowledge I had gained and developed it and I don’t regret that decision to be my own boss.

7. How many people have you created employment for directly?

From inception I have managed to create employment to 15 employees who have gained meaningful experience. Currently I have a team of 3 employees.

8. What are some of the challenges you have faced with this kind of business.

Capital is a big challenge as my business requires a substantial amount of capital injection majorly because we deal with different type of products so as to satisfy our customers, The Sacco has made it easier for business growth and expansion.

Secondly, source of Products, Logistics and Counterfeit products in the market has been the other major challenge hence forced to travel and create very close business ties & also expensive insurance charges for mitigating damage /loss of our products.

9. Some of the success tips you can share on the success of their business

I have managed to develop and acquire assets through this business, increased my savings

(I have a daily target of saving 10K a day). Managed to expand and acquire more skills of communicating to customers and ensure customer satisfaction.

Do you want a laptop or a repair of the same?

Contact Chris on  ……………..

Office: Globe Roundabout Stall | 07….

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10. Overall how has your business transformed your life and the community around you?

Major transformation has been from sourcing locally to importation which has boosted the growth of the business in terms of local competition. Through the expansion of the business we have managed to create job opportunities to the youth & donating to various children homes majorly basic needs. Finally I am proud to be a responsible bread winner!

11. How are your revenues looking like and how do you discipline yourself from spending your business earned returns and personal expenses.

Book keeping, including watching on daily, weekly and monthly expenses. Budgeting has also contributed to prudent ways of spending and planning ahead.

12. What is your advice to an aspiring entrepreneur/ who is starting a business or hoping to start one?

Take time and research don’t copy others idea, develop yours. In business there is enough for everyone expect and competition is healthy. Stay focused on what you want; keep your eyes on the ball.

13. How successful would you rate yourself
  • At the moment the dreams I have are bigger than the success I have, so I would say am still aiming higher though gratifying what I have already gained.
14. Would you advise someone to join the Sacco?


15. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Grow my business in terms of capital, create employment to the youth and have branches in different Counties. I also believe that you will never achieve a target you can’t see; I am guided by a personal ambition and business blueprint. I am also targeting growth of my personal savings with the SACCO.

Parting Shot

Wish to summarize it with a quote :  “Work hard in silent let success make the noise for you”.   Thank you.