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Frequently Ask Questions


Have a look at list of our most popular Frequently asked questions & answers:


Download the membership application form here , attach your passport photo, copy of ID and a copy of KRA pin certificate. You will also need to be introduced by a Member of the Sacco.

An SMS notification with your member number shall be sent to your phone within 48 Hours.

Yes, one-off fee of Kes.1,000

Yes, the Minimum Monthly Contribution is Kes.3,000

The share capital is Institutional capital of the Sacco. Each and every member is mandated to purchase minimum shareholding of 400 shares each share is 100/= equal to Kes 40,000/

A member should meet the minimum shareholding within 12 months from date of joining

The share capital is non-refundable and is only transferable to an existing Sacco member or sold to a Sacco member when you cease being a member.

Yes, you may introduce your friends, colleagues and family to join the Sacco

The returns are earned at the end of the financial year. In 2017, we paid 9% Interest/Rebates on Deposits and 12% on Shareholding

Yes, you can purchase more shares, the Sacco currently has a project to construct its own office block and is sensitizing members to buy more shares. The Maximum share should not be more than a fifth of the total Shareholding currently equivalent to (200M worth of shares or 2M Shares) per individual.

Yes you can continue with your membership and continue monthly savings while servicing any existing loans

Through Bank standing order, direct debits, M-Pesa Paybill 505100, cash deposits at Sacco offices, and Employer Check off.

Yes and patronize FOSA services. They can also borrow up to 5 times savings. They also MUST be registered

Save and access affordable loans at only 1% p.m., negotiated discounts by our vendors, Clean Land deals and you get to save for the future.

You get Rebates on Savings and Dividends on your Shares annually

We have a new mobile app SafCIRI. Download it now from the Google play store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.craftsilicon.safaricomsacco.

Or Alternatively use our USSD service *345#

Loan Eligibility

You need to save consistently for at least 6 months in BOSA

Back Office Services Activity. Funds in BOSA are NOT withdrawable unless you take a loan or Withdraw from the Sacco to access your funds

Yes. If you deposit a lump sum larger than your current savings, you will need to wait for at least 3 Months in order to qualify for a loan.

Yes we do, all you need is seek advice from our credit officers by presenting Latest Certified Loan Statement/s from the Financial Institution.

This varies on the type of loan a member is borrowing: The processing period for a long term loan is within 2 weeks while that of short term loan is within an hour.

A Short term loan is a loan that you service within a period of 12 Months and does not exceed Kes1M. A long Term loan exceeds Kes.1M and repayment period is over 12 Months.

You need to have a Guarantor if borrowing over and above your savings. Currently, the Sacco has also opened up to other forms of security e.g. Tittle Deeds, Logbooks.

You need to Complete filling in a loan application form (Downloadable from our Website) , attach copy of ID ,latest certified payslip (If on Check off arrangement).
For those not on check off arrangement with the Sacco present latest certified Bank Statement/s for 3 Months.
This applies to all type of loans Short /Long term loans

This means that your employer remits deductions to the Sacco directly and has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Sacco to remit by every 5th of the month

You may have even one although the loan MUST be fully Guaranteed

The ratio is 1:3 , meaning your total Sacco loans should not exceed 3 times of your savings

Yes you can pay your loan in lumpsum repayment/s anytime. We do not penalize you for fast tracking your loan repayment

Yes you can borrow a loan as the maximum you can guarantee is up to 10 times your total savings.

Your liability as a guarantor reduces as the loanee pays the loan and this is accessible to you via the Web Portal.

Yes, you deposit the cash into your FOSA account then we process an LPO as you enjoy the discounted rates from our selected vendors.

Safaricom Ltd- Phones, Furniture – Victoria Courts & Odds & Ends, Salute I World – Authorized Apple Dealer, Ryce East Africa, among others available on our website. Financing available

Yes you can by filling in a next of kin update form

The notice period is 60 days to enable the Sacco align your account i.e. If you had guaranteed someone, they will need to find replacements in order to release you.


FOSA stands for Front Office Services Activity. Funds in FOSA are withdrawable anytime depending on the type of savings account

It was launched in 2011 and we are a deposit taking Sacco regulated by SASRA – Sacco Regulatory Authority

Every member by default has a FOSA A/C

You can operate your FOSA just like any other “Bank” account. Process your salary, Make deposits to your account via M-Pesa or direct funds transfer, or over the counter and cheques. We also pay all loans via FOSA

Over the counter withdrawal, ATM card, USSD *346# or M-Sacco APP downloadable from Google Play Store

No you need to register for ATM by filling in the ATM application Form

Yes , we have different types of accounts you can open from Junior , Jaza Jaza, Fixed Deposit, Holiday accounts among many others

We offer very competitive interest rates with minimum amount of Kes. 20,000 for tenure 3,6,9 & 12 Months

You automatically forfeit all the interest

7.5% p.a on amount above Kes.10,000

4.5% p.a withdrawal is only Bi-Annually

Yes you can apply via USSD *346# or MSacco app by selecting ‘Rununu Advance’.

No. The only charges are over the counter withdrawal at Kes.57 ,
FOSA to M-Pesa Withdrawal fees Kes.73, Bankers Cheque Requisition Kes.110

Benevolent /Hand of Comfort

This is a product which aims to cushion bereaved members during funeral arrangements

No, application is voluntary for willing members

You need to be in this scheme for at least 3 months

You are refunded 30% of the funds contributed after 3 years.

No, you do not qualify for any refunds.

Fill in the variation form and indicate the desired premium amount.

All the contributions made will be forfeited

You will not be entitled to a refund after 3 Years not unless you clear all the arrears

No. Funds need to be in the account for at least 3 months to benefit

By filling in the Benevolent Claim Form and scan it to sacco@safaricom.co.ke

Yes , you need to fill in the form and include your new family

Yes, a copy of ID of the Deceased and a Burial Permit/ Funeral gathering permit. For children , provide Birth Certificate