How do I join the Sacco?

You can now join the Sacco Online though our iConnect Web portal or Download the membership application form here , attach your passport photo, copy of ID and a copy of KRA pin certificate.

How will I know the account is open?

An SMS notification with your member number shall be sent to your phone within 48 Hours.

Is there a joining fee?

Yes, one-off fee of Kes.1,000

Is there a Minimum monthly contribution?

Yes, the Minimum Monthly Contribution is Kes.3,000

What is Share Capital?

The share capital is the core capital of the Sacco. Each and every member is mandated to purchase minimum shareholding of 400 shares each share is 100/= equal to Kes 40,000/=

How long do I need to Purchase the Share Capital?

A member should meet the minimum shareholding within 12 months from date of joining and should contribute a minimum of Kes.3,400 per month

Is the Share Capital Refundable?

The share capital is non-refundable and is only transferable to an existing Sacco member or sold to a Sacco member when you cease being a member.

A member may opt to keep the shares as an investment and continue earning dividends

Once I become a member, can I Introduce my friends to join the Sacco?

Yes, you may introduce your friends, colleagues and family to join the Sacco

Do I get a return on both my Monthly contribution & Shares?

The returns are earned at the end of every financial year according to Sacco’s performance.

Do I incur any withholding tax on interest and dividend earned?

Yes, 5% withholding Tax except for persons with disabilities with a tax exempt certificate

Will I continue being a member if I change my employer?

Yes you can continue with your membership and continue monthly savings while servicing any existing loans

How do I make my monthly Deposits and Shares contribution?

Through Bank standing order, M-Pesa Paybill or Employer Check off. This can be accessed through our website here.

I have a Chama / Investment Group, are they eligible to join the Sacco?

Yes and patronize FOSA services. They can also borrow up to 5 times savings. They also MUST be registered & one of the chama members must also be a member of the Sacco

How do I benefit being a member of the Sacco?

Save and access affordable loans at only 1% p.m., negotiated discounts through our vendors, Projects by the Sacco, affordable mortgage interest rates among many other benefits

How else do I benefit?

You get Rebates on Savings and Dividends on your Shares annually

How do I check / keep track of my account?

We have a vibrant iConnect portal where you can check your statement and interact with us anytime! Also on SafCIRI app both on Play Store and App Store

Loan Eligibility

For how long should I save in order to qualify for a loan?

You need to save consistently for at least 6 months in BOSA to qualify for long term loans & 3 months for short term loans

What is BOSA?

Back Office Services Activity. Funds in BOSA are NOT withdrawable unless you take a loan or Withdraw from the Sacco to access your funds

Can I top up my savings to qualify for a bigger loan?

Yes. If you deposit a lump sum larger than your current savings, you will need to wait for at least 3 Months in order to qualify for a loan. To borrow immediately , you will be charged a certain fee that the credit officer shall disclose to you

Does the Sacco buy Loans from other Financial Institutions?

Yes we do, all you need is seek advice from our credit officers by presenting Latest Certified Loan Statement/s from the Financial Institution.

How long do you take to process a Loan?

This varies on the type of loan a member is borrowing: The processing period for a long term loan is within 5 working days while that of short term loan is within 24hrs

How do you differentiate a Short term from a Long Term Loan?

A Short term loan is a loan that you service within a period of 12 Months and does not exceed Kes1M. A long Term loan exceeds Kes.1M and repayment period is over 12 Months.

What type of security do I need when applying for a Sacco loan?

You need to have a Guarantor if borrowing over and above your savings. Currently, the Sacco has also opened up to other forms of security e.g. Tittle Deeds, Logbooks.

What documentations do I need when applying for a loan?

All our loans can be accessed online on iConnect and other loan requirements can be downloaded from the website. This applies to all type of loans Short /Long term loans

What is the Savings ratio to loan borrowing?

The ratio is 1:3 , meaning your total Sacco loans should not exceed 3 times of your savings

How many Guarantors do I need to guarantee my loan?

You may have one or more guarantors although the loan MUST be fully Guaranteed

What does it mean to be on Check – Off Arrangement?

This means that your employer remits deductions to the Sacco directly and has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Sacco to remit by every 5th of the month

Can I pay my loan in lumpsum and would I be charged extra?

Yes you can pay your loan in lumpsum repayment/s anytime. We do not penalize you for fast tracking your loan repayment

If I guarantee someone am I eligible to borrow a loan?

Yes you can borrow a loan as the maximum you can guarantee is up to 5 times your total savings.

What is my Liability as a Guarantor?

Your liability as a guarantor reduces as the loanee pays the loan and this is accessible to you via iConnect portal

What is the process of terminating membership from the Sacco from the Sacco?

The notice period is 60 days to enable the Sacco align your account i.e. If you had guaranteed someone, they will need to find replacements in order to release you.

Can I change my next of kin?

Yes you can by filling in a next of kin update form downloadable from the website here

Who are your Selected Vendors?

Safaricom Ltd- Phones, Furniture – Victoria Courts & Odds & Ends, Salute I World – Authorized Apple Dealer, Ryce East Africa, among others available on our website. Financing available

If interested in a Household item/s can I pay cash instead of a loan?

Yes, you deposit the cash into your FOSA account then we process an LPO as you enjoy the discounted rates from our selected vendors.


What is FOSA?

FOSA stands for Front Office Services Activity. Funds in FOSA are withdrawable anytime depending on the type of savings account

When was FOSA Launched?

It was launched in 2011 and we are a deposit taking Sacco regulated by SASRA – Sacco Regulatory Authority

How do I open a FOSA Account?

Every member by default has a FOSA A/C

How does the FOSA operate?

You can operate your FOSA just like any other “Bank” account. Process your salary, Make deposits to your account via M-Pesa or direct funds transfer. We also pay all loans via FOSA

How do I access funds in my FOSA Account?

Over the counter withdrawal, ATM card, USSD *345#, SafCIRI app downloadable from App Store & Play Store

Do I need to register for SafCIRI?

Yes. You use the same password as the one for USSD *345#. Should it be your first time to use it, tap on the registration button.

Do I automatically get an ATM?

No you need to register for ATM by filling in the ATM application Form

Can I open more than one FOSA account?

Yes , we have different types of accounts you can open from Junior , Jaza Jaza, Fixed Deposit, Holiday accounts among many others

What is the interest earned on Junior account?

5% p.a on amount above Kes.10,000

What is the interest earned on Jaza Jaza account?

4.5% p.a withdrawal is only Bi-Annually

Can I access Salary Advance if I am processing my salary with the Sacco?

Yes you can apply via USSD *345# or SafCIRI app by selecting ‘Rununu Advance’.

Are fees charged for Salary Processing?

Only Kes.100

What is the maximum amount I can withdraw through Pesalink/External Funds Transfer?


Are there any account maintenance fees for the FOSA A/C?

No. The only charges are over the counter withdrawal at Kes.59 ,

FOSA to M-Pesa Withdrawal fees Kes.59. Funds transfer through Pesa link is Kes.350 per every Kes.300,000 transaction. Maximum transfer per day is Kes.999,999.

Benevolent/ Hand of Comfort

Can I cover my kids below the age of 1 month?

Cover is for kids of age 1 month onwards.

I have more than 1 spouse, can the additional be covered?

In the case of one OR more spouse but without kids and parents to cover, this

can be covered by filling in details in one form but charges for additional  spouse apply

as under:

  • Option 1 benefit – Kes 900
  • Option 2 benefit – Kes 1,800
  • Option 3 benefit – Kes 2,700
  • Option 4 benefit – Kes 3,500

In the case of one more spouse with kids and parents to cover, this can be covered by filling in details in another form. We treat this as another household and full option charges apply with the Principal member being “premium sponsor.” In case of loss of any life in this household, benefits shall be paid to the sponsor. Loss of sponsor shall be paid in both households but subject to a limit of Kes 750,000.

I have more than 1 spouse, can I add an additional amount for he/she to be covered?

Yes, all other additional spouses and households to be treated same as 2B above.

I do not have a marriage certificate but we have kids in the event of a misfortune , can I claim as I consider him/her as a spouse?

Where a document is missing, an affidavit shall suffice. This case requires an affidavit which is a sworn statement by principal member acknowledging a spouse and kids.

Do you consider same sex couples as a spouse?

Yes, notice the use of the word “spouse” to refer to husband or wife or whatever the case that may be.

If I have more than 4 Children, can the additional be covered?

Yes. Charges are;

  • Option 1 benefit – Kes 200, C2 – Safaricom Internal
  • Option 2 benefit – Kes 500
  • Option 3 benefit – Kes 800
  • Option 4 benefit – Kes 1,100

If I have more than 4 Children (brothers and sister) can I top up an amount for the additional kids as I do not want to leave them out?

No this is not possible

If I have more than 4 siblings (brothers and sister) , can the additional be covered in same scheme?

No this is not possible

I have adopted a kid/children or is a guardian, can they be covered in the scheme even though we are not biologically related?

Yes. We shall require Adoption documents/Letters of Administration/ or Affidavit to that effect.

I have been an orphan and consider my guardian as my parents, can I enroll them in the scheme as I do not have any other parents?

Yes, you can. We shall need an Affidavit declaring the said guardianship.

I have been raised by my grandparents as parents, can I enroll them as my parents in the scheme?

Yes, you can. We shall need an Affidavit declaring the said guardianship.

How long does it take to process claims?

48 hours YES, 48 hours if full documentation is provided.

If I start with the contribution for 300 then want to upgrade to 600, 900 or 1200 tier, how long does it take to qualify to the new contributions?

Changes in benefit levels are ONLY accepted at each renewal date that is after 12 calendar months.

If I start with the contribution for 1200 then want to downgrade to 300, 600 or 900 tier, how long does it take to qualify to the new contributions?

Changes in benefit levels are ONLY accepted at each renewal date that is after 12 calendar months.

If I happen to lose all my 5 family members all at once, will the insurance compensate for all?

The cover is family rated covering up to a maximum of 5 deaths per year (12 calendar months). Loss of 5 of the covered members, whether at once or in the cover year is payable.

If I have 5 siblings and we are all members of the Sacco, we are all contributing to the scheme individually , we lose our parent/s , can we all be compensated at the same time? If no, why not?

The parent is covered at full benefit with priority to the sibling’s cover option who shall have enrolled first. Only one more subsequent sibling can be allowed, and shall receive the lesser of the difference between the first sibling’s cover option and the maximum of Kes 750,000 subject to the second sibling’s option e.g.

  1. i) 1st sibling option Kes 500,000 is payable in full – 2nd sibling option is Kes 500,000 only Kes 250,000 is payable
  1. ii) – 1st sibling option Kes 200,000 is payable in full – 2nd sibling option is Kes 500,000 then Kes 500,000 is payable to second sibling

iii) – 1st sibling option Kes 300,000 is payable in full – 2nd sibling option is Kes 500,000 then Kes 450,000 is payable to second sibling

The decision regarding who joined first solely lies with KUSCCO Mutual Assurance. Where a scenario of same date of joining occurs, and the sum of options are less than Kes 750,000 proportionate division of the benefits shall be applied.

I have covered my parents inlaws, however, I cannot ask for their IDs due to society norms and discretion to claim, can you consider burial permit instead?

In today’s world, we have realized the use of smart phones with ability to take photo and share via social platforms (WhatsApp) has made this easy. Also, the spouse can be engaged to get the photos without suspicion. Kindly, this is a requirement and just like the Burial Permit can be provided, this too can be provided.

I am a widow, I had enrolled my husband/wife to the scheme, now I am re-married, can I add the new spouse to the scheme? If yes , what is the procedure ?

The benefit for the loss of a spouse covered shall have already been paid in the cover period, and a new spouse can only therefore be covered at the next renewal. A notification of the same shall be needed at renewal date to allow for nomination of the new spouse.

I was single when I joined the scheme , now I have kids and is married , can I add my new family to the scheme , if yes , what is the procedure?

Yes, this family can be added in the course of the running cover period.

I have finalized on my divorce, I am now separated, and can I remove my spouse from the scheme?

Yes. This can be done when your notification is shared to us. However, a new spouse cannot be introduced in the same cover period but only at renewal.

My dependents/nuclear family have lost their identification documents in their demise in mysterious circumstances e.g. airplane crash, can I claim with a burial permit instead?

This is why we highly encourage and insist that documentation be provided at the time of application into the scheme. This also makes claims documentation and settlement very fast and within the 48hours. In a case where these has not happened, a case by case review of the circumstance can be undertaken and a substitute document communicated.

Am I eligible for any refund in the event I withdraw from the product?

NO. Once you opt out of the scheme, there shall be no refund payable during or after the renewal period which is annually

I enrolled my dependents at age 69 but her/his demise at age 90 do I qualify to claim?


Where do you wire my funds if I claim, to Sacco, my account or M-Pesa?

This depends with scheme. Where it is the SACCO that has taken cover for its members, and is the sponsor of such a cover we shall wire the benefit to the SACCO. Where members are paying for it even if through the SACCO, our claims forms provide for declaration of Bank Details to enable direct payment.

Am I eligible for any refund in the event I withdraw from the product?

NO. Once you opt out of the scheme, there shall be no refund payable during or after the renewal period which is annually

I enrolled my dependents at age 69 but her/his demise at age 90 do I qualify to claim?


Can I contribute annually, semi-annually?

YES. This is highly encouraged especially for members whose monthly deductions are on M-Pesa and would forget to remit their monthly contributions. However, there will be no refund in case you opt out of the product.

I skipped my contribution, can I pay up and catch up on my payments?

YES, Only IF you not claiming immediately. 3 months duration to claim shall APPLY.

I skipped my contribution, am I eligible to claim?

No this is NOT possible. You need to be contributing consistently to the scheme on a monthly, Semi-annual or Annually

When does the policy take effect?

Once forms and documentation are received +first installment. For continuing members, this is not necessary.

Other Key Important Information

  • Covers Member, member spouse, up to 4 children, biological parents and biological parents’ in-law, declared siblings at inception.
  • Spouse is defined by marriage or an affidavit. Children are defined by birth certificate, adoption documents or an affidavit.
  • Pays benefits for up to a maximum of 5 deaths per family per year.
  • Member and spouse entry age – 18 to 70 years: children cover ages – 1 month to 18 years (24 years if still in college: perpetual cover for special children): parents and parents’ in-law entry age – 18 to 85 years: siblings cover ages – 1 month to 70 years.
  • New entrants (not currently in the existing Welfare): Member, spouse and children waiting period – 1 month: parents and parents’ in-law and siblings waiting period – 3 months for death by natural diseases. NO WAITING PERIOD FOR DEATH BY ACCIDENT.
  • Members are not subjected to any medical requirements up to the limits indicated.
  • Each member can opt for higher benefit as he/she wishes but at premiums indicated
  • Policies have NO HIV/AIDS exclusion. We pay claims irrespective of cause of death.


All required documents MUST have been received in order for claims to be honored. The documents are:

i) Executed affidavits MUST be produced where required documents are not available e.g. Birth Certificates, legal adoption documents, guardianship/sponsorship, Marriage Certificates etc.

ii) Where child is in college, college ID copies should be attached.

iii) Dully filled in Claim form