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FOSA Savings Products

Savings/Salary Account

This is a transactional account in FOSA where Members are able to process their Salary through the Sacco.

Juniors Account

This is a vibrant account for members kids aged below 18 Years of Age.

Fixed Deposit Account

The Fixed Deposit Account is an Investment Account open to Members of the Sacco, Corporates , SME’s & Chamaaz.

Corporate Account

This is an Investment Account for Corporates/ Chama/ SME.

Holiday Account

Members are advised to save, travel and see the world!

Jaza Jaza Account

This account enables members to save for a short period of time and enable get a competitive return as withdrawal from the account is Twice in a year!

FOSA Credit Products

Kona Advance

This is a special product tailored to take care of numerous and immediate short term needs that require instant financial remedy.

Emergency Loan

This facility enables members to sort out any unexpected emergencies.

FOSA Silver Advance

This facility enables salary account holders to top up their Advance loans and access more money, repayable over a longer period of time.

Insurance Premium Finance Loan

It is a service offered by the Sacco to finance Insurance premiums which includes Life policies, Education policy, Domestic and Car Insurance.

Business Loan

This Facility intends to encourage members to own business either as groups or as individuals.

Vijanaa Loan

This is a credit facility from the government to the youths which gives them access to capital for business start-ups and existing businesses.