FOSA Savings Products

Front Office Service Activity (FOSA) are financial services that enable Safaricom Sacco members to have affordable and convenient savings avenue for cash transfers ,depositing and withdrawing money without having to carry cash. Simply walk in to the Sacco, give instructions and your payment is done.

Jaza Jaza Account

This account enables members to save for a short period and get a competitive return, as withdrawal from the account is twice a year!

Holiday Account

This account is for all members, we are advise to Save and Travel and see the world! Once in a while, we partner with suppliers who give us unbeatable rates and enable members’ travel anywhere they want to go!

Corporate Account

This is an Investment Account for Corporates/ Chama/ SME. Members with Businesses can open an account and better manage their Finances and also enable track the performance of their Businesses/ Merry Go Rounds.

Juniors Account

This is a vibrant account for members children aged below 18 Years of Age. The Sacco enables the parents to inculcate a savings culture to the young ones at a petite age.

Savings/Salary Account

This is a transactional account in the FOSA. Members are able to process their Salary through the Sacco.

FOSA Loans

Business Loan

This product assists Sacco Members to own businesses. This Facility intends to encourage members to own business either as groups or as individuals.

Insurance Premium Finance Loan

This is a facility is offered by the Sacco for financing Insurance premium financing for Car Insurance

FOSA Silver Advance

This facility enables salary account holders to top up their Advance loans and access more money, repayable over a longer period.

Emergency Loan

This facility is for members to enable them sort out any unexpected emergencies.