Benevolent Account

Every member must be assured of dignified sendoffs collectively with close relatives upon demise. Likewise, application is voluntary for
willing members; its aim is to cushion bereaved members during funeral arrangements.

Terms & Conditions  :

  • Claims: The maximum number of claims payable in
    any cover period is 5.
  •  Waiting period for eligibility of nuclear family is one
    month and for dependents is 2 months
  • Policy Term: The policy
    shall be no withdrawal or surrender
  • Claims Processing: In event a claim is filed, it shall be
    processed within 48 Hours of the insurer being
    notified and the necessary documentation being
    submitted by the claimants
  •  No refund shall be applicable in case you do not
    get a misfortune
  • All premiums shall be paid to Safaricom SACCO
  • All claims shall be processed on member’s behalf by
    Safaricom SACCO Ltd
  • Terms and conditions are subject to change
    periodically at the discretion of the insurer
    depending on performance of the product Qualifies
    members to guarantee loans