Sacco Membership

Safaricom Sacco membership is open to employees of SAFARICOM LTD, Spouses of Members, and Children above 18 years, Individuals introduced by Sacco members and employees of other corporates admitted as per the Membership policy. We currently are servicing membership from over 100 corporates.

Alpha Membership

Individual members (Alpha Membership) are eligible to patronize loan facilities after Six (6) months of consistent savings in the Back Office Services Activity (BOSA) Section and Group/Omega membership are eligible for the facility after patronizing Front Office Services Activity (FOSA) section for the same period

  • Membership fees is Kshs.1,000. This is deducted from the Salary with the first deduction or pay at the point of registration.
  • Minimum monthly deposit contribution is Kshs 3,000.00.
  • Minimum Share Capital is 400 shares equity @ Kshs.100 equal to Kshs.40,000 (To pay within 12 months year or equivalent to Kshs. 3,334 per month).
  • Credit Reference Bureau (CRB)report shall be generated to confirm membership eligibility.
  • Qualification for a loan is after 6 Months of consistent saving for long term loans & short term loans 3 months.
  • Monthly Contributions acceptable through any mode of payment i.e. Standing Orders, Payroll Deductions from employer, Cheques, Over the counter deposits & M-PESA
  • Membership Fee: Kshs.2,000.
  • FOSA Monthly minimum deposit: Kshs.5,000.
  • Minimum account balance: Ksh.5,000.
  • Minimum Shareholding :Ksh.20,000.
  • Loan eligibility upto Ksh.3M for ONLY registered Companies.
  • Membership Fee: Kshs.2,000.
  • FOSA Monthly minimum deposit: Kshs.5,000.
  • To raise 20% deposit in case of loan request
  • Minimum Shareholding :Kshs. 10,000
  • Loan eligibility upto Ksh.3M for ONLY registered Chamaz / Investment Groups

Should a member wish to withdraw from the Sacco the exit procedure is as below:

  • Fill in an exit withdrawal form
  • If you are a member withdrawing from the society and have guaranteed , the guarantor should find an alternative guarantor replacement
  • Deposits refunded within 60 days
  • Member may opt to retain shares or sell/transfer to an existing member.