Virtual Sacco Services

This platform integrates the Sacco to other banks to facilitate payments via VISA and all other payments

Members can log in and check their online statements, check loan eligibility, guarantors and transact from iConnect
  • Loan Applications
  • Self Service
  • SafCIRI PIN Reset

SafCIRI – Mobile Application & USSD *345#

The Sacco has a mobile application – SafCIRI on both the Google Playstore & Apple Store. We also have a USSD Code (*345#) that is convenient to enable members access their FOSA savings, salaries and loans paid via any phone and transfer is made to their M-PESA accounts real time. If you have neither used the *345# service nor the app before select Register, else select Activate.

Registration: Enter your phone and ID number and an OTP shall be send to you via SMS. Login to the app using the OTP and you you will be prompted to change to your own preferred 4-digit PIN to use every tim you access the app. That PIN will also be usable on the USSD *345# service.

Activation: Launch app on phone. Click on Activate account, then select send me an activation key, Enter your phone number and PIN that you set. Click ok when prompted an activation code will sent. On receiving activation code via SMS, enter the 6-digit code on the app and click ok. Lastly enter your USSD PIN to login to app. Remember both *345# and safCIRI mobile app use the same PIN.

  • MPESA Withdrawals
  • MPESA Deposits
  • Mobile Loans
Kona Advance empowers members who have emergencies to sort out by applying for KONA advance through our USSD *345#|Option 8 Loan. All members are able to access this product. The Loan is payable within 3 months, with a 3% interest recovered upfront first month, second month 3% on the loan balance and interest of 5% shall be charged upon roll over on the third month. Maximum loan Kes.200,000.

Rununu Advance
Rununu Advance empowers members who have emergencies to sort out within 5 Mins by applying for the advance through our USSD *345#. Only Salaries that are processed through the Sacco qualify to get the advance.
ATM Cards
The Sacco has VISA branded ATMs that facilitates cashless movement of funds. Members can enjoy withdrawal of funds in Co-operative Bank at Kshs.33, or any other bank where VISA charges shall apply. Shop anywhere at any time, paybills
Virtual Helpdesk
The Sacco’s main goal is Customer Focus. We have a virtual helpdesk where members can email within working hours and get a fast response to their enquiries and feedback.